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Nutri 80/20's Custom-Built Meals-Filet Mignon



Meal Substitutes (Carbs and Vegetables)

If you selected none of the carbs, substitute one serving of a vegetable.

Custom Meal Additions


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Nutri 80/20's Custom-Built Meals-Filet Mignon

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Your Specialty Protein

6oz Filet Mignon

Select Your Vegetables

None, 1cp Cauliflower, 1cp Cauliflower Rice, 1cp Broccolini, 1cp Veg Medley, 1cp Seasonal Squash, 1cp Asparagus, 1cp Green Beans, 1cp Red Potatoes

Select Your Carbs

None, 1cp Quinoa, 1cp Brown Rice, 1cp Jasmine Rice, 1cp Jollof Rice, 1cp Basmati Rice, 1cp Sweet Potato Hash


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